Wellbeing in the workplace

“Poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year”! *


Breathe Outdoors – MHFA, workplace stress

With stress related illness fast becoming one of the biggest issues to UK employers, why not look after your workforce?

We go to the gym or for a run, we watch what we eat but what about our minds?! Let’s begin to make a positive difference for ourselves and others around us.

Breathe Outdoors offers bespoke ’emotional fitness’ – wellbeing courses and workshops for employers and their employees.

Physical activity


Team work

Connection with nature

Emotional fitness, awareness of mental health

These workshops are primarily focused around outdoor adventure, combining stress management and relaxation techniques with elements of Mindfulness. With your workplace in mind we may climb, we may walk we may run we may paddle.

Benefits of outdoor adventurous activities;

  • Increased team cohesion and productivity
  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased sense of morale and achievement
  • Increase in physical activity and fitness
  • Increase in emotional fitness and over all sense of wellbeing

Breathe Outdoors will design a package for fit for your workforce.

For more information and a free initial meeting please email us.

Breathe Outdoors offers a 10% discount on these workshops and courses for companies who are registered and working towards the Healthy Workplace Awards


For more benefits please read on!

Benefits of emotional fitness on our mental health;

Mindfulness practises 

  • Teaches to slow down and quietly consider your responses to a given situation rather than reacting with mindlessness, allowing you to respond more compassionately and warmly.
  • Encourages greater curiosity and warmth over your attention and thoughts.
  • Respects and quietens that harsh self-critical inner voice.
  • Reduces the tendency to worry about the unknown and hold onto discomfort.
  • See the small victories and beauties in life.
  • Opens your heart.
  • Gives you the ability to tune into your moment by moment experiences (Teasdale, Williams & Segal 2014).


Physical Benefits

  • Lowers levels of stress hormones cortisol and lactate
  • Increases blood flow and slows the resting heart rate
  • Can decrease high blood pressure

Psychological Benefits

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Decreases the holds of depression if used appropriately
  • Decreases irritability and moodiness
  • Increased clarity of thinking, reasoning and creativity
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Increased happiness


  • Experience a sense of ‘wholeness’
  • Self-assurance
  • Stronger sense of intuition
  • A more in-depth understanding and respect for self-purpose
  • Increased sense of warmth and love


  • Sense of connection and care with our natural world
  • Increased sense of purpose within our natural world
  • Increased sense of space thus decreasing stress and increasing calm
  • Allows for time to feel the natural rhythms of life
  • Increases in wellbeing through direct pure experiences with the natural environment.

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