Wellbeing in Schools

Breathe Outdoors offer a range of courses to suit your students and school. From our Outdoor learning programme to mindfulness courses we can have a great number of opportunities open to you.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor and adventure learning can have significant effects on wellbeing and confidence. By providing appropriate challenge and coaching through adventurous activities, Breathe Outdoors aims to help young people find their feet in a safe and supportive environment.

Working in a 1 2 1 or small group setting provides the ideal platform for building a trusting and nurturing professional relationship between instructors and students.

Breathe Outdoors believes the environment and activity are an excellent vehicle for change and growth. Although learning technical skills are key to development and confidence, pairing this philosophy with various mindfulness and wellbeing activities provides a powerful and positive learning experience in which this can transfer into other elements of the students lives.

We implement the SMART young minds course in this Outdoor Learning program supporting the students to understand their body and mind. This exploration into emotional intelligence provides resilience for your students, helping them to cope with stressful and confusing situations.

Activities Available

Indoor climbing (NICAS, National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme Level 1 and L2)

Moorland walking and Navigation (NNAS, National Navigation Award Scheme, Bronze)

Mountain Biking

Forest School and Bushcraft skills

Breathe Outdoors holds adventurous insurance through AIM and therapeutic insurance through Oxygen, First aid qualified, DBS and safeguarding checks/ training and relevant NGB qualifications for the activities provided. We also hold business insurance on our vehicles to transport students to adventures locations.

Time, duration, kit and location

Typically we would aim to work with students once a week for at least a term. Our day can be flexible to suit your school day, however 9:30 – 14:30 is a normal day out. Food and drink would need to be provided by the students family or school and all technical kit would be supplied by Breathe Outdoors. Students would need clothes appropriate for the activity and conditions, this would be discussed on the initial meeting.

Upon pick up the location of the day would be subject to the activity, weather conditions and ability of the student. Typically we would explore Dartmoor for Navigation and Forest Schools, Haldon Forest Park for Mountain Biking and local climbing walls for the NICAS.

What other programmes are available for schools?

Mindfulness for schools

Breathe Outdoors practises the SMART Young Minds model of introducing mindfulness to children and teenagers either in an educational setting or an outside environment. These courses are designed to support children and teenagers towards managing their emotional landscapes without being critical, judgmental or comparing.

‘Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment exactly as it is. It can help improve concentration and focus; creativity and inspiration; calm and peacefulness; joy and appreciation; connection and gratitude; resilience and well-being.’

 SMART Foundations, SMART Young Mind Manual


By participating in mindfulness based activities students become more emotionally intelligent by becoming aware of their own inner world and that of others. This in turn builds resilience and happiness through understanding how to navigate positive and negative emotions and life’s natural bumps.

The programmes are experiential, reflective and discussion based in their nature and can be adapted to suit the educational setting or available outdoor environments. A Forest School style approach and activities feature heavily in these programmes.

Weekly sessions of 30 minutes over a 24-week period or longer are recommended for mindfulness based sessions, however day long Forest School sessions are available upon request. These are recommended to last up to 6 weeks.

Links to Key Stage 2 & 3 and PSHE curriculums are available upon request. If you have any further questions, cost estimates or would like to book your school or group onto a programme please get in touch.