Learning through direct experiences with specially designed activities and our environment provides a wonderful chance to understand Mental Health and how we connect to the world around us. The emotional health and wellbeing benefits of discovery through spending guided and free time in open natural environments are widely researched and have proven effective for promoting learning, health and development and furthermore our ability to concentrate.

Aims of our programmes

Breathe outdoors is fully committed to providing person centred support where it is requested. 

The aims of our programmes are simple;

  • Protect – Through play (challenge), acceptance, curiosity and empathy
  • Relate – Staying with the Young Person’s (YP) emotional intensity, containment and soothing where necessary
  • Regulate – Validation of YP’s feelings, talking, sensory work, mindfulness and connections with nature 
  • Reflect – Making sense of YP’s experiences, emotional (psycho) education, space to verbalise or symbolise feelings and supporting trauma to move from being unbearable to manageable. 
  • Supported by an Emotionally Available and Attuned Adult (EAA) and Team Around the Child in a natural non-judgemental environment. 
Supporting Young People with their Mental Health

The Process

Phase 1 – Initial introductions, assessments, aims and agreements

Phase 2 – Introduction of Emotionally available adults

Phase 3 – Initial session at your educational setting/ outdoors

Phase 4 – Weekly contact with YP – minimum 1 hour, maximum full day

Phase 5  –  Termly TAC meetings

Phase 6 – Transitional period back into your educational setting full time

Phase 7 –Evaluate and summarise. Future recommendations

Make a referral

Supporting Young People with their Mental Health