Mindful Activities

Mindful Activities Workshops combine movement with the practices of mindfulness, to experience being in the moment with movement. Taking the time to feel the motion and action of your movements allows you to better understand your body and how it works to create that movement.

Whether your workshop takes place on the water, climbing wall or rock face all Breathe Outdoors associates are fully qualified and passionate about delivering peaceful, informative and relaxing experience. Alongside the therapeutic nature of the workshops full instruction in your chosen activity is provided, so you don’t need to be an expert to join in. Hopefully as well as feeling calm and relaxed after your session you will have learnt new skills and techniques.

Workshops can be tailored by activity, location or for individuals or groups, just let us know what you require. Group numbers are limited to maintain an intimate and supportive atmosphere.

Hourly Rate £10 to £20 per person per hour (Costs vary depending on numbers and activity, half days usually reccomemended)

Please contact us for more information about Mindful Movement Workshops or cost estimates.

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