Adventure Therapy

Working in collaboration with Evolve Psychotherapy and Adelong Outdoor Education, Breathe Outdoors offers young people, who are struggling with their mental health, space and support in a natural environment.

In our ever-changing modern lives there is a tendency to disconnect from the outdoors and nature having a negative impact on our lives. Breathe Outdoors’ aim is to reconnect people to outdoor environments and themselves; through direct, positive and challenging experiences within outdoor adventurous activities, self-development and wellbeing can be encouraged.

Under the close support and guidance of experienced practitioners Adventure Therapy is a powerful vehicle for change and development. It can strengthen our innate connection with nature and the outdoors, which holds multiple benefits including;

– enhanced personal and social communication skills.

– increased physical health.

– enhanced mental and spiritual health.

– enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness.

– the ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being.

Health, Well-Being and Open Space, Literature Review by Nina Morris, OPENspace Research Centre, (2003).

Please get in touch in if you would like to know more about how Breathe Outdoors, Adelong Outdoor Eduction and Evolve Psychotherapy could work with you.