6 Week Mindfulness Course

6 Week Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation course

The 6 week Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation course has been designed in collaboration with the SMARTfoundations approach to stress management.

Each week participants are taken through a range of relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and mindfulness awareness exercises that can be integrated into everyday life. Each participant will have the guidance of a fully qualified relaxation, meditation and mindfulness practitioner and will be encouraged to practise exercises and meditations in their own time. The course is broken up into six two-hour long sessions, which take place in various outdoor locations across Devon. Group bookings are kept small to maintain an intimate and supportive atmosphere, while the One-to-One option offers a bespoke and personal tuition in any location of your choice. Please see below for a brief outline of the programme.

Week 1 – Autopilot, waking up!

Week 2 – ‘Doing’ and ‘being’ modes.

Week 3 – Where the mind goes the body follows, how thinking determines how we feel.

Week 4 – Positive experiences, how to increase positive neural pathways, and ways of letting go.

Week 5 – Self-awareness, empathy and compassion.

Week 6 – Love, kindness and how to integrate this training into everyday life.

This course is very much discussion based and experiential in its nature. For more information about the content of the sessions and course structure please get in touch.


Group: £200 per person

One-to-one: £400

There are numerous 6 week courses running throughout the year, so please contact us to inquire about upcoming dates or bookings. Or visit our updates page for live courses and workshops.